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Thermo-Lo Treatments



Reversing Surface Skin Conditions

Do you have visible signs of aging through fine lines, broken capillaries (red spider veins), raised bumps on the skin which you cannot remove, red spots or embarrassing skin tags? This treatment is a definite must for you. These procedures can achieve results some lasers cannot. You will be amazed with your new clear skin removing conditions you thought were permanent.


Conditions treated with the Thermo-L0

  • Spider Veins

  • Cherry Hemangiomas

  • Milia

  • Acne

  • Skin Tags

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

  • Cholesterol Deposit

  • And more

What is Thermo-lo?

Thermo-Lo is a radiofrequency current that is attracted to the water in various skin conditions. It uses a tiny probe on or just under the surface of the skin to dehydrate the problem area, causing the body (over a few days) to exfoliate the dried skin that removes and clears the skin of the condition. The procedure is minimally invasive, is virtually painless and requires no down time.

What is the Procedure Like?

The probe is applied precisely to the area to be treated. Most clients experience a warm pricking sensation. This is more noticeable in sensitive areas around the lips and nose. A topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort.

How long is the Treatment?

The length of time often requires 15-20 minutes preparation with a topical anesthetic applied to the skin in the areas to be treated. The amount of skin conditions to be treated determines the length of time required for treatment.

How is it Different From Electrolysis?

Thermo-lo technology stays on the top layers of skin, the epidermis. Electrolysis works into all three major skin layers (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue). The advantage of this treatment is that it is not affecting deeper layers of skin that remove tissue.

How is it Different From IPL? 

Most pulsed light treatments can penetrate both the epidermis and dermis, which in turn can cause temporary or even permanent damage on the skin, often this treatment is unavoidable in affecting areas not needing treatment.

What Results Can You Expect?

Results can be seen with a single treatment and in most cases are immediate and are often permanent. When treating acne scarring, the results may take 8 to 12 weeks to allow new collagen to form.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically one to two treatments are necessary. This varies depending on the condition being treated

Is there any downtime?

There is very little downtime, and side effects are very minimal and very manageable. You will notice some fine scabbing after a few days in the area treated, at this time can be covered with makeup. This will resolve in about 7-10 days, it is ideal to combine this treatment with Fraxel Laser Treatment, allowing the patient to recover at one time and gain the benefits of both treatments for optimal results! 

Prices vary depending on treatment area.

Consultations: $25          Treatment begins at $50

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