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Chin/Lip/Brow - $12 each area

Full Face - $28

Whole Arm - $45

Lower Arm - $30

Hands or Feet - $5

Full Leg - $75

Lower Leg - $45

Bikini (line only) - $25

Full Bikini - $35

Full Bikini (with inner thigh) - $45

Full Brazilian - $65

Chest - $30

Stomach -  $20

Back - $45

Nostrils or Ears - $10

*We also offer BROW TINTING for only $15*

You NEED to know this for before and after your wax....

Before your appointment:

* You have to have enough hair for me to wax.... I know this sounds silly, but long to you and long enough to wax are two different things. A great guideline is: If the hair is as long as a grain of rice, I can wax it! Now... if it is really long, you may need to trim it before coming in.

* If you are on Accutaine.... I WILL NOT WAX YOU! This can cause damage to the skin and can cause the skin to tear.

* If you use Retin-A, I can not wax the area you are treating.

* To help with pain, you can take Tylenol 30 min prior to your appointment. We also offer a "No Scream Cream" that you apply 30 min proir to you appointment that works GREAT!

After your appointment:

* Wear loose fitting clothes for a few hours.

* Don't expose your skin to sun or tanning beds for a few days.

* Don't take hot showers or baths for 24 hours. A warm shower or bath is fine.

* Don't exerse for 24 hours. this can cause perspiration which may irritate freshly waxed skin and cause a break out. In fact, ANYTHING that causes perspiration (you know what I'm talking about), for the first 24 hours can cause a break out.

* Be sure to exfoliate! This is key to a fabulous waxing experiance!

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