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The Dead-End Cycle of Dieting:

Most people who have dieted have tried many different programs with no successful results. Many diets deal with reducing calories and the use of prescription appetite suppressants. This causes the customer to lose weight, however, often times it is muscle mass and water weight … not FAT. When an overweight/obese customer tries to reduce calories to lose weight, they will first burn their normal reserve fat cells. Once these are used up, the body will move on to burning the structural fat cells (both of these types of fat are necessary, and are not the kind of fat that leads to obesity). The last fat cell on the list to be utilized is the abnormal fat (adipose tissue), or the fat that causes people to be overweight. By the time the customer gets to this point they feel hungry, fatigued, and generally give up on the diet. This type of dieting causes customers to feel exhausted, to lose fat in the wrong places, like in their face versus their belly, hips or thighs. It also depletes them of nutrients, which can lead to further complications.

Oral Spray

The Advance Spray for Weight Loss and Hunger Control, utilized by WLC, offers a safe and natural solution backed by science, clinical experience, tens of thousands of customers and most importantly the test of time. In 200 years of clinical use these ingredients have never caused any harmful results of any kind.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from substances found in nature.  It is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines or remedies.  Nevertheless, herbal medicine should not be confused with homeopathy.  These two systems of medicine are very different.  Herbal medicine uses tinctures of botanical substances.  Homeopaths use ultra-dilute “micro” doses made from not only plants, but minerals or any other substance found in nature.  The original substance is diluted in liquid repeatedly and is vigorously shaken with each dilution.

Advance Oral Spray for Weight Loss and Hunger Control is a proprietary formula and was created to support the body’s ability to achieve maximum weight loss. Our oral spray metabolizes about 2,000 calories of fat off your body. In addition, there are drainage remedies within the formula that flush out toxins from the body by stimulating the normal elimination pathways. The Advance Oral Spray regulates and improves the function of organs and glands to optimize hormones that influence metabolism, appetite and energy. It provides specific support for hormone receptors to stimulate healthy weight loss by way of hormonal balance and improved function. As our body releases the fat, The Advance Spray helps promote the functions to eliminate the fat through the body’s elimination pathways. Our formula promotes steady, efficient fat loss, preserves and promotes lean muscle mass and boosts energy levels naturally. One bottle is equal to a 25-30 day supply.

Basically the body has three types of fat:

  • Structural – necessary to give support to organs.

  • Normal – a reserve of fuel, which the body can freely draw upon, when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient.

  • Excess/Stored fat – unwanted, unsightly, and dangerous.


WLC targets the abnormal fat!

It’s so easy… Just 3 sprays in the morning & 3 sprays at night. The Oral Spray is absorbed through your sublingual glands into your bloodstream then your brain. It triggers your brain to release or metabolize up to 2,000 calories of fat off your body per day. For the first 3 days of our program, you binge on high calorie foods to cheat your brain into relaxing so that you don’t go into starvation mode. On the 4th day is when you begin the 600 – 800 calorie diet outlined in our manual. This is when you begin to shed up to 1 pound of fat per day. The diet won’t seem low calorie as  hunger is not an issue. Whereas without the Oral Spray, a low calorie (healthy or not) will force your body into starvation mode and your metabolism starts to shut down. Our program reverses everything! You lose the fat, excess water weight but no muscle mass. We know this because we’ve seen thousands of people do this program, with no loose skin. Many of whom who lost 20, 30 & 40 lbs in just as many days. Remember…

Nothing is as good as Losing your FAT and Living Healthy !

If you follow this program CORRECTLY, this unique process will POSITIVELY AFFECT your hypothalamus and metabolism potentially making these results “permanent”!

You may do cardio exercise as long you want, but don’t stress too much. Do not bother trying to build muscle or bulk up. It will not work. You will only be unnecessarily fatigued. But you do not have to exercise on this program. Not to mention our bodies crave carbohydrates as we do strenuous exercise. Your goals are to burn fat and reshape your body.

People think, if you follow a 600 – 800 Calorie-a-day diet, you will “lose weight anyway”. They’re right but you will not lose the same weight the same way as you do with this program. Your goal is to lose abnormal fat, not just weight. Just by following a 600 – 800 Calorie-a-day diet will leave you fatigued and irritable, and within a few days you will start to retain water due to being protein deficient. Also, remember you are getting 1000 calories to 2,000 calories from your fat each day, which is why you will not be hungry, even though you are following a low calorie diet. This will work for you if you follow the program as advised. We have seen thousands of successes with people who have done amazingly well with the WLC system. Many who had no success with any other diet program.

B-12 “Endure”

– Methylcobalamin (best B-12 available)
– Helps increase your energy levels
– Promotes memory cognitive
– Increases your metabolism


These all-natural pills are used by many athletes and will give you an energy boost throughout the day. This formula contains herbs & botanicals to control your appetite and cravings.

“Lean” is specifically created with a synergistic blend of herbs and minerals.  This formula contains herbs & botanicals to control your appetite and cravings.  In addition, it has natural caffeine in the form of dark cocoa beans to give you a thermo genic effect as well as giving you a little kick of energy.

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